Compose Cassette

Personalize your shopping experience by creating boxes with seasonal fruit directly from Sicily. Choose your favorite fruits, add to cart (minimum order 9 kg) and enjoy free shipping. Freshness and authenticity delivered directly to your door. Happy shopping! 🍋

🍊 Compose Cassette ➔🍊

Did you know that ?

Our fruit grows at the foot of Etna, an active volcano that gives special nutrients to the soil. Thanks to the formation of the soil through the chemical-physical alteration of lava rocks, our products are not only fresh but also offer greater agricultural productivity and exceptional quality. Find out more by reading the article! 🍊🍊

Choose seasonal fruits

Following the seasonality of fruit and vegetables means following the rhythms of nature and therefore having on our table foods richer in vitamins and nutrients, which will consequently be healthier and tastier.

Mixed Pack

Have you ever wanted the variety of fresh flavors straight from nature? Our Mixed Pack is the perfect answer for those who love to experience a range of delicious flavors in one package.

  • Unique Sensory Experience: Each bite is a journey through the freshness, juice and distinctive flavor of each fruit. To be enjoyed alone, in creative culinary preparations or to share with your family and friends.☀️🌱
  • Guaranteed Provenance: From the tree to your table in just 48 hours! Our philosophy is to guarantee maximum freshness and quality, bringing directly to you the best fruits grown with care and passion in the sunny lands of Sicily. ☀️🍊
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